Par Tee Girls

Par Tee Girls is THE golf club for women in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Whether you've been playing for years or just a beginner, you'll have fun with Par Tee Girls.
We are a group of women at all playing levels who enjoy getting together to have fun and play golf!

2012 Payment Instructions:  Using Paypal at
This year we will be using Paypal for all payments to the club (including brunch, golf tournaments, membership dues, and any other activities.)  We will no longer be collecting checks by mail or in person.  This will eliminate the potential for lost checks, and will allow us to keep better track of payments.  
You will need to set up a Paypal account if you don’t already have one, and link your bank account and/or credit card information to your account.  There is NO FEE for making any payments from your bank account.  If you prefer to make a payment from your credit card, you may do so but will be charged a 3% fee by Paypal on top of the amount due to the club.
This year we will also be more diligent about collecting timely payments – please be sure to make your payments 2 weeks prior to any event.  The club is on the hook for paying the courses in advance, so we need your help in ensuring we have received payment from you in advance as well!
If you have any questions, please feel free to call Althea at 415-205-8824.  Thanks!!
Instructions for setting up a Paypal account:
    •    Go to , click on Sign Up, and create a Personal account
    •    Once you’re logged in to your account, click on Profile, then
    •    Add or Edit Bank Account.  This allows you to make payments for free to the club (same as writing a check, the funds will be deducted directly from your checking account).  You will need your Bank name, routing number, and checking account number to set this up.  IT’S FREE
    •    Add or Edit Credit Card.  This should be added as a backup method of payment – having the card on file allows Paypal to release a bank payment to us more quickly (otherwise takes 3-5 business days), or if you prefer to pay by Credit Card, this allows you to do so.  There will be a 3% charge added on each transaction by Paypal only if you choose to pay by credit card (e.g., a $100 tournament fee will be charged $103 on your credit card.)
    •    That’s it!  No annual fees or monthly charges for this account.
Instructions for making payments for ParTee Girls events:
    •    From your paypal account page while logged on, click on Send Money to send money online
    •    Enter our Par Tee Girls email address for payment.  We’ve set this up as:
    •    Enter the amount for the event you’re paying for
    •    From here depending on your account settings, there seem to be two different screens that people see – either A or B below.  In either case, you want to choose the option that makes this a personal or friends/family transfer, NOT a purchase or payment to a business for goods or services.  Please do not click on the Purchase goods or services option, as this will create an extra fee for the club.  We are not selling you goods or services, simply helping to gather all of the payments to pay the golf course – and we’re your friends!
    •    Click on the “Personal” tab, not the “Payment” tab.  From here, you can choose “Gift” or “Other”, it doesn’t matter.
    •    Or if you just see two radial buttons at the bottom, click on the option “I’m sending money to family or friends”, not “I’m paying for goods or services”
This is the screen described in a) Click to send money to family or friends

This is the screen described in b) that you might see instead:
Click on the Personal tab and select Gift or Other

    •    On the next page, confirm that your payment method is correct (choose Instant Transfer from Bank Account or Credit Card).  If you use your bank account, please be sure that you have the funds in your account, as this is like cashing a check instantly!
    •    For Subject Line, please put “Activity, Date – Your Name”, for example:
    •    Kickoff Brunch, 2/26 – Althea Peng
    •    Poppy Ridge, 3/11 – Althea Peng
    •    For Message, please include any other notes, for example:
    •    Here’s $90 for the tournament and dinner
    •    I’m paying for myself and Suzie Member, so here’s $120
    •    I’m bringing a guest (Jake Markman), so here’s $70 for me and $80 for him
Add Event, Date and Your Name to the subject, and any comments
Click Change if needed to change between Instant Transfer (echeck) or Credit Card

    •    After you click confirm, you’ll see a confirmation page and will receive an email detailing the payment.  You can also add the Par Tee Girls email to your Contact Book so you won’t have to type in the email address in the future.
Thanks for helping us move to this new payment method.  Now let’s get out and play!
Your friendly treasurer,